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Friday, August 20, 2021

Legless Niece Flys Airplane - 13 April 1945 - The Johnstown Democrat

 Mrs. Alverna Babbs former Alverna Bennett neice of Mrs. W. M. Hite flys airplane. 

Odds & Ends - 13 April 1945 - The Johnstown Democrat

 Lower Yoder Fire Company, Sgt. Mike Tabatcher, Pfc. George Robinson, Pfc. Leroy Lewis, Lt. Stanley Miller, Highland Park Parent-Teacher, Lloyd Showman, Frank Roberts, John Troyan, Dmytro Koziorynsky, Mrs. Nadine Taranto, Eugene Rogalle, john Elder Jr., Roman Kupis Jr., G. Duane Hamer. 

West End Electric - 1953


Monday, August 16, 2021

Odds & Ends - 24 February 1943 - The Johnstown Tribune

Mrs. Katherine (Sabo) Pentrack and the cute story of Leonard Colosimo Jr. who saved up 1,500 nickels to contribute to the Buy a Sub Campaign. Mary Daily and Anna Elia.


Marine Back from Solomons - 23 February 1943 - The Johnstown Tribune

Sgt. Jack DeAngelo tells about what it was like fighting on the Solomons. Also Lt. William Leasure - flier home from England. 


DOGS FOR BLIND - 23 February 1943 - The Johnstown Tribune

Path Finder Dogs - Training dogs to help the blind at the Bridge Hotel in Conemaugh. The middle gentleman is Robert Brown of Stonycreek Street.