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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Kline Store - 1936 Flood

6 April 1906

The Point, Fireman William Campbell, Mineral Point - Calf with a dogs head!

War Markers - 6 April 1936

Revolutionary War veterans Samual Cole and George Lucas - markers at Union Cemetery - now located at Grandview Cemetery.

Lee Hospital - 6 April 1936

Robert Jurasek, Andrew Jurasek and W.E. Nevling, Lee Hospital and Cambria City.

Mrs. Susan Boyer - 96 Years Old - 6 April 1936

Six Injured - 6 April 1936

Mrs. Anna Franke, John Cramer Jr., Miss Dorothy Langham, Miss Mildred Saly, John Lebosky, Harold Griffith and Frank Rego.


'77 Flood Relief

'77 - one of the many Flood Relief Offices set up all across the area.  

Artist in Motion - 1970's

The display of the Allied Artists of Johnstown included works in such media as oil painting, watercolor, drawing, copper enameling, macramé and stained glass. Shown with a sample of the latter is Everett Michaels, a Johnstown resident who served as chairman for the booth done by David Blackford, the work bore a $300 price tag.

Monday, February 25, 2019

6th Birthday - 6 April 1936

Charles Moore - Moxham


Gene Kelly - Dance Studio - Johnstown

Flood Tragedy - 9 April 1936

I posted about this story last week. Here is a little bit more information. Donna McKee, James Langham, Ralph Herrod, Mrs. Wehn and Robert Wood. Inclined Plane. Body found in Seward.

Swallows Iodine - 9 April 1936

Mary Lanik and William Michael

What's a Flood - 9 April 1936

Angelo Milazzo - Nick Certo's Barber Shop

Franklin Mill


Downtown Johnstown - Main Street - 1922

Laurel Run Dam

Laurel Run Dam - Tanneryville - around 1916 or so as construction was underway.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

St. Therese Church - Decker Avenue

Old Cambria General Office

Old Cambria General Office

Duncan Lumber - Somerset County

Duncan Lumber Company - Fort Hill - Somerset County. These narrow-gauge steam locomotives were used to transport logs and rough lumber. The locomotives were built on swivel tracks so that they could negotiate the sharp turns and rough track conditions all along the forest floor.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Assorted Accidents - 3 April 1936

Leonard Milazzo, Joseph Kohut, Leonard Cravotta, Fred Myers, S.J. Conway

Passover Matzoh - 3 April 1936

Carbide Explosion - 3 April 1936

Charles Gutilla - 108 New Street

Fall Injures Workman - 3 April 1936

Mike Laco and the Old Shay Tavern.

Hospital Notes - 3 April 1936

Mrs. Carrie Ellis, Mrs. Gomer Short, Elizabeth Calhoun and Mrs. Kathryn Piercy.

Newlyweds Return

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Good - 452 Wonder Street

Escapes the Flood - 2 April 1936

Jimmy Clark, Jane Clark, Louis Metesser, Mrs. C.S. Price

Hospital Notes - 2 April 1936

Raymond McConaughy, Tony Fama, Lloyd Stoy, Mrs. William Haer, harry Verhoff, Lt. Thomas Gillespie, Elmer Davis, Most Rev. John McCort and Emma Herdman.

Two More Heroes - 1 April 1936

Merle Craig, Kenneth McMillen, A Street (Broad Street) and Fairfield Avenue