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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fitchner Pool

VJ Repeat - Fitchner Pool along Sheridan Street in the West End - behind Garfield Junior High (now the middle school). The pool is long gone along with most of the buildings.

Washington Street - 1860's

VJ Repeat - with a lot new readers coming aboard - thought I'd repost one of my favorites from the 1860's. I post this picture from time to time - simply because I like it. This is probably one of the earliest photographs that you'll ever see of a very early look at Downtown Johnstown. The iron industry was just beginning to take off. This is a section of Washington Street.


The Johnstown Tribune - August 31, 1943
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August 31, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Sunday - August 31, 1947
Harry & Mr, Thompson went to church and Ida & I stayed home with Frances. We enjoyed the time so much. Cecil & Mary Lou come up for dinner so we all ate to gether. Lee Buser and his wife come up to Thompsons to see us this afternoon.
I was glad to see him. Then they took us to a park where we ate our supper. Then they took us for a drive. We all enjoyed it so much. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

5 & 10

Main Street - Downtown Johnstown

Trolley Time

Trolley Time


The Johnstown Tribune - August 30, 1943
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August 30, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Saturday - August 30, 1947
We left home this morning at 8-30 and come out here to Thompsons at 2.15. We had a nice trip. But it rained on us quite a while but cleared up till we got here.
They seamed all pleased we come. Harry & Mr. Thompson seamed to have a good time. We all went in town with them this evening. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Cambria City Ethnic Festival

It's Cambria City Ethnic Fest Weekend. For those of you not on the Vintage Johnstown Facebook Page - I want to let you know that I will be giving a series of talks down at VOMA (across from Aces) on the Native Americans that once called the Johnstown area home. Besides all the photographs I've taken over the years that will lining the walls - there will also be a prayer circle where you can stop by to make your request to the Great Spirit. 
Talk Times: Friday 7:30
  Saturday 6 & 8
Sunday 4:30

Delaware Avenue Underpass

VJ Repeat - dated November 14, 1915 as construction on the Delaware Avenue Underpass was wrapping up.
Far too many people were being hit by trains - since the line to Morrellville was street level. So it was decided to construct a series of underpasses to help keep accidents down by elevating the tracks. There were two major problems - first off, the trolleys couldn't go up Fairfield Avenue before this and secondly - people were gettting hit by passing trains since they had to cross the train tracks to take another trolley to the rest of Morrellville.
Wish I knew who that kid was on the right hand side. Mostly likely someone from either Pennsylvania or Virginia Avenue.

Johnson Steel

VJ Repeat - Johnson Steel eventually became U.S. Steel. This shows the plant and some of neighboring Moxham during the spring of 1894.

August 29, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Friday - August 29, 1947
Ida and I are getting ready to go to Ohio to visit the Thompsons. Harry is taking us.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Capital Hotel

The old Capital Hotel - Main Street - it's now where the parking garage is. 

August 28, 1943: R.A.F. BOMBS BASH NURNBERG

The Johnstown Tribune - August 28, 1943
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August 28, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Thursday - August 28, 1947
Clifford and Billy & Harriet and Alice was out for black berries. I got enough to can some and we had pie and ate all we wanted.
We ate our lunch at the Layton Place. I canned my berries this evening.
Betty J. cleaned up the living room and Ida done a lot of the work too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Daisytown School - 1936

Daisytown Boro School sent in by reader Sue Kokko. Her mother Anna Pavlick taught at the school during the 1930's. Some of you might remember Pavlick's Bar on Fairfield Avenue that once belonged to the family. 
Three teachers and the children. The teachers are left to right: Eileen Walters, Frank Barefoot and the bottom right is Anna Pavlick.
Group of unknown kids on the playground.
Sue thinks these are the kids in her mothers class. 
She's not sure who this group of men are but they must have been connected to the school somehow. 


The Johnstown Tribune - August 27, 1943
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 Man Football

Something that never caught on - 5 Man Football at Roxbury Park.


The Johnstown Tribune - August 26, 1943
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August 26, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Tuesday - August 26, 1947
I ironed this afternoon.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hotel Vendome

Hotel Vendome - Johnstown

The Main Look

VJ Repeat - Downtown Johnstown - 1920's - Rothstein's, Chas. Young, Druggist, Worner's Cacto, Bard Hotel and Woolworth.  
Click on the picture to enlarge.


The Johnstown Tribune - August 25, 1943
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Local Names:
Mrs. Willard Nosal
Dave Elsasser
William Krentz
Francis Krentz
Cpl. Fred Kelly
Robert Hunter
Dave Beihl
Michael Chanat

August 25, 1947: Diary of a Johnstown Housewife

From the diary of Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham
Monday - August 25, 1947
I washed to day and Betty J. helped. I folded the clothes and want to iron in the morning.
Ida was mending some of Betty Js clothes she wants to ware to school.
Harry called me and told me he would take Ida & I out to Thompsons in Ohio on Sat.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Scalp Fire Company

Interesting clipping from The Weekly Tribune - August 1907 - on starting up the Scalp Level Volunteer Fire Department.
John Estep, John Veil, Mr. Brumbaugh, Theodore Bantley, Ephraim Wissinger, John Thomas and William Blough.