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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flood Memorial

Grandview Cemetery

May 31, 1944: Fifth Army Beats Against Unyielding German Lines

The Johnstown Tribune - May 31, 1944
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Sgt. Marjorie Brown
Sgt. leo Bullinger
Birth Notes:
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tomlyanovich - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Kalinyak - son
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hill - son
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Moses - son
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pinkas - son
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Gosnell - son
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Forsythe - daughter
Pvt. & Mrs. Scott Thompson - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. John Bilak - son
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Collier - son
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox - daughter
Pvt. & Mrs. Leroy Ellenberger - son
Mr. & Mrs. James Green - son
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Sitko - son
Pfc. & Mrs. Norman Benson - son
Sgt. & Mrs. Elmer Farley - son
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Grech - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Manner - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Orban - son

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Office

Unknown Johnstown Office

Luna Park

Unknown couple posing for the camera at Luna Park - now the site of Roxbury Park.

Eureka Stores

Eureka - Windber

May 30, 1944: Allies Strike German Line Within 16 Miles of Rome

The Johnstown Tribune - May 30, 1944
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Local Names:
Philip Dorian
Dale Boro Volunteer Fire Company
Luther Lehman
Robert Lehman
Lloyd Lehman
Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Schwing
Pvt. Robert John
Samuel McClemens Family
Aaron Carlisle

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Short but sweet clip of Bethlehem Steel in Johnstown.

Dr. Swett's

Dr. Swett's Birch Beer

May 27, 1944: Yanks Thrust Close to Via Coslina Near Valmontone

The Johnstown Tribune - May 27, 1944
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Glenn Groceries

George Glenn Grocery - I almost want to say that this is on Glenn Street - at least there is a house that sort of looks like this there - minus the glass front windows.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Terrible Terry McGovern

According to Wikipedia: Terrible Terry McGovern (March 9, 1880 – February 22, 1918) was an American professional box who held the World Bantamweight and Featherweight Championships. He was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania as John Terrence McGovern.

Portrait of McGovern
McGovern won the Bantamweight Championship on September 12, 1899 when he knocked out Pedlar Palmer in one round by a series of heavy body blows. This was the first world championship bout under Queensbury Rules to end by a one-round knockout. He never defended the title and relinquished it in 1900.
He then moved up in weight and captured the Featherweight Championship from George Dixon on January 9, 1900, by scoring a technical knockout in the eighth round. As a featherweight, McGovern was involved in some controversial bouts. For example he is credited with knocking out Aurelio Herrera in defense of his crown in 5 rounds. Herrera afterwards claimed he had been doped during the fight. McGovern is also credited with scoring a 2 round knockout over Joe Gans. Gans claimed that he threw the fight. He is the only know film clip of McGovern against Gans.
McGovern lost his crown when he was stopped by Young Corbett II in 2 rounds on November 28, 1901. Corbett also won their rematch.
McGovern finished his career with a record of 65 wins (42 KOs) 5 losses and 5 draws. As was common in that era, he also engaged in many No Decision bouts. In 2003, McGovern was named to the Ring Magazine's list of 100 greatest punchers of all time. McGovern is credited as the greatest featherweight of all time.

McGovern spent much of his later life in mental institutions. He died of pneumonia and kidney ailment in the charity ward of King's County Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, USA, on February 22, 1918.

Cambria Theatre

Cambria Theatre - Main Street

May 26, 1944: Allies Roll Germans Back In Speedy New Advances

The Johnstown Tribune - May 26, 1944
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U.S. Steel

U.S. Steel - Moxham Plant

Monday, May 25, 2015

1941 Senior Class Edition For Cambria County

I don't know about you - but I find this sad because little did they know how much the American landscape would be changing in a few short months..
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The Johnstown Tribune - Senior Edition - Duane Dunkle, Vivian Schweitzer and Phyllis Ackerman. 
Johnstown High - Picture 1
Johnstown High - Picture 2
Johnstown High - Picture 3
Johnstown High - Picture 4
Johnstown High - Picture 5
Johnstown High - Picture 6
Joe Johns Students
DeRoy's Ad
Cochran Junior High
Joseph Johns High School
Garfield Junior High
Dale High School
Westmont - Upper Yoder High School
Garfield Junior High School
Ferndale High School
Central Catholic High School
Ebensburg-Cambria Township High School

Sunday, May 24, 2015

German Lutheran

German Lutheran Church - Locust and Jackson

First English Lutheran

First English Lutheran Church - Franklin Street

May 24, 1944: Yanks on Anzio Front Seize Mile of Appian Way

The Johnstown Tribune - May 24, 1944
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Rhea Silverstone
Five Sent to Hospital - Jeremiah Miller, Paul Miller, Ruth Day, Mildred Uzelac, Frank Genovese, Paul Donitzen and John Toth Jr.
Weddings - Lane - Streilein