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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monday, September 28, 2015

Franklin Street

Quinns - 1894

Downtown Johnstown

September 28, 1944: Loss of Arnhem Bridge Has Dispelled Hope of Quick Victory Over Germany

The Johnstown Tribune - September 28, 1944
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Pfc. Arthur DePra
Pfc. Harvey McAdams
Pfc. Clair Frye
Pfc. Jesse Frye
Cpl. Roy Frye
Tech. Sgt. Clairmont Jones
William Kristofko
Francis Kristofko
John Kristofko
Sgt, Kenneth Hertzog

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Johnstown - 1885

Franklin Street

September 27, 1944: Hope Wanes in London for the Heroic 'Red Devils' Pocketed Near Arnhem

The Johnstown Tribune - September 27, 1944
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George Weimer - accused of beating his wife Ethel
                                              Alex Clyde - found lying on Locust Street
John Chamberlain - found lying on Iron Street and then getting sick in jail
Mrs. Clarence Brown - party in Hollsopple

Friday, September 25, 2015

Trolley Time

Unknown Children

Trolley Time

Fairfield Avenue

September 25, 1944: Yanks Drive Head-On Toward Kleve, Northern Anchor of Siegfried Line

The Johnstown Tribune - September 25, 1944
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Cpl. George Pappas
Donald Boyer
John Grohol Family
Pvt. Albert Altemus
Charles Altemus
Herbert Altemus
Robert Phillippi
Tech. Sgt. Michael Mandichak
Margaret Matey

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Delaware Avenue Underpass

These pictures are dated November 14, 1915 as construction on the Delaware Avenue Underpass was wrapping up. The photographer is standing on Delaware Avenue. Straight ahead you can just barely see underneath to Broad Street.
Far too many people were being hit by trains - since the line to Morrellville was street level. So it was decided to construct a series of underpasses to help keep accidents down by elevating the tracks. There were two major problems - first off, the trolleys couldn't go up Fairfield Avenue before this and secondly - people were gettting hit by passing trains since they had to cross the train tracks to take another trolley to the rest of Morrellville.
Wish I knew who that kid was on the right hand side. Mostly likely someone from either Pennsyvania or Virginia Avenue.

Young's Pharmacy

St. John's

September 23, 1944: British Slash Through to Sky Troops But German Armor Cuts 'Rescue Road'

The Johnstown Tribune - September 23, 1944
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015