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Saturday, October 29, 2016

6th Anniversary of Vintage Johnstown

Today is the 6th Anniversary of this site. The total so far is 7,313 posts and 1,269,865 page views with an average of a little less than 10,000 view a month. My most popular post so far has been CLICK HERE - honoring Clement Harris - the man behind the famous gob. Coming in right behind that - some of my posts on the '77 Flood. When it comes to traffic sources - mobile Facebook is number one and Google is the popular search engine. The number one search term is 'vintage johnstown' and I have 57 followers.  6th means candy or iron - so I guess I'll to celebrate with eating some candy on Iron Street - that way all my bases are covered. 


Fred V said...

Happy Anniversary Lisa! I enjoy having Vintage Johnstown as part of my daily news reading routine ... It's great to see life as it was growing up ... The streetcar and trackless trolley pics are the best! And the Tribune war papers are amazing

Thank you for the hard work, and for sharing a piece of history with us!


Unknown said...

Happy anniversary! Enjoy the pics. Living in NJ and missing hood old jtown. Miss friends and when I visit take my kids to places where things used to be.