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Friday, July 7, 2017


VJ Repeat - Very early shot of the old entrance to Grandview Cemetery - when it used Millcreek Road. Knowing that the cemetery opened in 1885 and had their first burial in 1887 and judging the landscape and clothing styles - I would date this between 1887 and no later than the mid 1890's. Bucknell Avenue became the official entrance in 1904. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
Top of the gate.
This picture is mounted on very thick cardboard and looks like it hung on a wall. I think either the two men or the young boy might have been related to people that had it on their wall.
This looks like some type of inscription on the stone of the doorway of the arch - but it's too hard to make out - along with a creepy looking image most likely caused by the weather. At least I hope that is the case....because it kind of reminds me of the Virgin Mary.
This picture was taken in the Spring which helps to really show off some of the features that are long gone - like the fences - which I have never seen pictures of before. All in all - a pretty cool look at this age-old landmark. For a picture of the old Chapin Arch - CLICK HERE.

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