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Monday, April 2, 2018

April 2, 1928 - The Johnstown Tribune

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Frederick Lavely, Samuel Baker, Mrs. Theresa Mulherin, Gobar, John Pluckensky, Tony Kuski, Mrs. Mary Stepanick, Frank Page, Harry Korn, Frank Hayduk, Mrs. Sara Ann Merritt, Mrs. Anna Toth, Mrs. Mary Ann Fagans, Mrs. elizabeth Amann, Mary Blough, Paul Blough, Michael Lashinsky, Mrs. Margaret Litz. Miss Minnie Bassett.
Mrs. Frances Haberkorn, Nicholas Kacsur Jr., Mrs. Wilhelmina Wisk, H.H. Kyle, Mrs. Anna Kirkpatrick, Mrs. H.H. Grazier, J.R. Slates, Emery Sabo, Mike Hutsman, Arch Horner, Mayme Varner, Mrs. Margaret Hartnett, Mr. & Mrs. George Miller - daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Kyle - daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Miller - son. 

1 comment:

Carolyn Clark said...

Does anyone know the identity of the "Westmont Phrenologist"? The story about Frederick Lavely was fascinating. The Westmont Phrenologist also wrote a story about my great-grandfather Edward A. Zimmerman in 1926 and I'd really like to know who he is.