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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Special Shout Out!

Two weeks ago I ordered a new Vupoint scanner. I'd just about wore my old one out. I also ordered the scanner docking station -  all you have to do is feed the pictures thru. Well as luck would have it - the Vupoint dock ended up in Somerset instead of Johnstown - I don't have a clue how because our addresses aren't even close.

 Leslie from Geochemical Testing in Somerset - kindly repackaged the docking station and sent in on to me. Now I have to say - that was very nice of them and I'd like to just send them out a big Thank You for being so nice and going above and beyond the call of duty!


Donna said...

I have the wand as well. Love it for genealogy visits. I am envious about the docking station. I must ask where did you order it and is it a separate item??

Lisa Cacicia said...


I am not much for the shopping channels - but I do get their emails and this was a special on HSN - where I bought my first one years ago. The docking station is a separate item - but it only works with the latest VuPoint. Like I said - it works fine - but you do sometimes have to play with the edge of the picture to get it to go thru.