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Thursday, December 19, 2013


The Johnstown Tribune - December 19, 1942
Local Obits: Henry Smith - Meyersdale, Mrs. Isabelle Keith - Barnesboro, John Wilkins - Johnstown, Mrs. Jennie Jay - Everett, John Houser - Indiana, Frank Pleczonka - Cambria City, Andrew Soltis - Windber, Peter Slatcoff - Scalp Level, Lewis Michael - Acosta, Mrs. Lester Dournberger - Johnstown and Thomas Babula - Windber
Birth Notes:
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Urban - son - Frank Anthony
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Wintner - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. John Cornaly - son
Mr. & Mrs. Blaine Cruickshank - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hess - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Ott - son
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Hesketh - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Earl McGunigale - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Giles - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Melbourne Link - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Parrish - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Azzarello - son
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Slick - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. William Hughes - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Dipre - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Brewer - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. William Bossi - son
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Reed - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Schmidt - son
Mr. & Mrs. Rolla Davis - son
Mr. & Mrs. Grant Holsopple - son
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Donato - son
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gabany - daughter 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Edgar Mullen - daughter - Sherry Lee. Mrs. Mullen is the former Betty Jayne Irons
Military Notes:
Pvt. Robert Nies
Sgt. Albert Nies
Pvt. Stanley Til
Robert Johns
Corp. Frank Dietrich
William Yuhas
Pfc. Mike Komar
Lieut. A.R. Choby
Robert Shahade
Sgt. Frank Guardino
Pvt. Sam Guardino
Walt Weakland
Pvt. Fran Kline Jr.
Pvt. Ben Bonitz
Pvt.Irvin Layton
Pfc. Don Illig
George Donch
Norman Hysong
Will Seth Jr.
John Hebron
James Hebron
John Williams
Seth Williams
Maurice Torledsky
Theodore Ream
Walter Hurst
Stanley Hurst
Joe Sambor
Benny Smith
Earl Saylor
Florence (Pat) Weimer
Pvt. John McConaughy
Elwood Hammond
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Len said...

Wow! There's my dad. William Yuhas. Good job with all these old Tribune Democrat's. Just love this site!!!

Lisa Cacicia said...


You made my day! That makes it typing all the names in worthwhile.