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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Old Johnstown Radio - Airchecks - 1970

Reader Jerry Karson sent in these wonderful old WJAC AM airchecks from 1970: Radio Fans - Time for another blast from the past. Here's a link to an aircheck of WJAC-AM from 1970. This has pieces of all the DJ's, including long-time morning host Frank Dell. There is also a collection of WJAC jingles from the 1960's in the second half of the video. Not a lot of video content, but the audio helps preserve an otherwise forgotten January day from 1970 in Johnstown. CLICK HERE to listen.


Brian said...

This is like a Christmas present. I wish we had airchecks of Larry Ford, John Rubal...all those great WCRO personalities. That radio station was a good as many bigger market radio stations. Waiting to hear the Top 40 Sunday with Chuck Bender was something I looked forward to every week. Hats off to all those who entertained at the Big 123!

Jim DeAngelo said...

Hi Brian,

My name is Jim DeAngelo and I did nights (7- 1 a.m.) on Super CRO from 1975-77.

I had a great time.

Line up then was:

Mike Farrow mornings
Sandy Dee one hour of oldies
Ken Williams
Jack Michaels

Great people who I am still in touch with.

In L.A. now but fond memories indeed.

My best!!


Anonymous said...

In The Summer of 1980 I was 1230/WCRO's Evening On Air Personality at age 21. Rick James
Sandy D. Neri was our General Manager, Mike Farrow did mornings & Jack Michaels afternoons. I went on to work In Wilmington, DE, Tampa, Fl & NY NY Radio. I'll always have a place in my heart for WCRO, Johnstown PA & It's people!

Janet Anders Alwaysanurse said...

Hello this is for Jim DeAngelo: My name is Janet and I knew Ken Williams when I was a nursing student at WVU in Morgantown WV around 1974. He was at WCLG. I have often wondered what happened to him. If you have any information, would you please email me at - I am still a nurse, in Houston. I really appreciate you listening! Thanks!

Unknown said...

My father, Anderson G Wertz, was a night time engineer for WJAC in the 1940's when the transmitter was n the Tribune-Democrat building. He was the one to shut off the transmitter and WJAC went to sleep. I can still see the red and blue lights on the machines. He worked with a gentleman by the name of Nevin Straub. (I think that was is name). That war before WJAC-TV came into the picture. In 1951 I worked in the same building posting the baseball scores in the windows at the Tribune Democrat Newspaper office.ce