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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bestform Plant - Cambria City

Today is my grandmother's birthday -Helen (Hanzel) Lenz (1922 - 2008) and this picture best describes her. She worked at Bestform in Cambria City for years. This job was her reason for being. I honestly think that once the plant closed up - was when she began to go downhill. As most members of my family born before 1930. Her early education was going to St. Stephen's School until the 8th grade. That's all anyone really needed. Just learn enough so you could go out to work. Work for her meant a sort of independence.


Anonymous said...

By any chance do you know my aunt that worked there, Leona Trexel?

thank you
Jake Trexel

Lisa Cacicia said...

Jake - my grandmother used to talk alot about all the ladies she worked with. She often mentioned a Lee - but I never knew a last name.