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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Re-Post - Name of German Church

I posted a picture of this German Church the other day - and I had no idea which one it was. Well reader Harold Kinback knows - he writes: The German church that you wanted identified on your September 4th, post is the Zion German Lutheran Church at 613 Locust St.  The Pastor performing the ceremony is Rev. Theodore Buch, D.D.  I have attached a postcard showing the interior of the church. 
The name has been changed to the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The interior also has been changed.
Thanks to reader Harold for clearing up this mystery. 

1 comment:

Steven Dixon said...

My great grandfather, John Ludwig Tross, commissioned from Germany and donated the triptych paintings shown behind the altar of Zion's Church. The paintings, which depict victims of the Great Flood of 1889 being comforted by Christ, were presented to the church in January of 1910 and remained behind the altar until 1972 when they were donated to JAHA. The paintings are currently being conserved and will be exhibited in a new exhibit in the Johnstown Flood Museum scheduled to open in 2017.

I am looking for photographs of the triptych paintings. Please email me at if you know of additional pictures of the altar.

Steve Dixon
San Francisco