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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Woolworth's - Plasticville U.S.A

Reader Robert Schneider sent in this ad from Woolworth's and their annual Plasticville U.S.A - Christmas display. I know for myself - cleaning out the attic - we ran across a couple of these pieces. I know taste changes - but I still like things like this - but no one takes the time anymore - who knows - maybe I will invent a Vintage Johnstown Village app - there you go - that's the ticket - now I guess I will have to get rid of my rotary phone that you can gonk someone on the head with. Just last week - I finally gave up my landline - and am living solely on my cellphone. Which suits me just fine. I never use it anyway - and forget about texting - what happened to looking someone in the eye and actually talking to them....I especially hate it when I am talking to someone and all they do is look down at their phone! I'll get off my soap box now before I fall off and go boom!

1 comment:

Len said...

Wow, my dad would set up a train platform in our living room every Christmas. It would take up almost the whole room. We had at least a half dozen of these plasticville house's. In fact I still have them. What great memories.