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Thursday, September 29, 2011

WJAC-TV - Cambria City

The second WJAC-TV studio - Cambria City - 1953


The Polak said...

918 Chestnut Street. Still standing.

P Cee said...

Does anyone know how long that studio was open? My grandfather worked for WJAC until he died in the early 70s.

Lisa Cacicia said...

Patrick who was your grandfather and what did he do? The current station on Old Hickory Lane opened up in the early 1960's - I have the exact date somewhere. Just so you know - the Cambria City Studio was not the first studio - that was at the actual transmiter site - they lug all the filmed programs on 16mm up there - besides carrying National programs - the Cambria City site was chosen because it a direct microwave hop (straight shot)to the transmiter - Lisa

P Cee said...

Hi Lisa, my grandfather was Obert Erwin. I think he worked for WJAC for many years, first with the radio station and then for the TV station. He worked primarily with the transmitters as an engineer and technician although I think he also did some studio stuff (my cousin remembers him behind a camera when she was on Romper Room). I was very young when he passed (1971) and am really fascinated by the work he did (and J-town history in general).

Just saw the photo of the inside of the studio - very interesting!

Ned Mountain said...


I worked at WJAC-TV in the 60's and remember your Grandfather although I never met him. I worked as a technician in the studio and "Obie" was at the transmitter. One of my duties was to call him on the telephone every hour during my shift as a safety check.

I think the move to the Hickroy Lane studios was made in about 1963.