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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scrapbook of a Teenager - 1930 - Part One

Thought today, I'd start a unique look at the life a Johnstown teenager from 1930 to 1932. Let me introduce you to 13 year old Vieva Wonder and her wonderful scrapbook - she was born August 17, 1917 and is currently in the 8th grade and the year is 1930. She lives on McMillen Street with her parents Roy and Ora Wonder along with her little sister Mary. Her dad Roy works as a sales agent for a local bakery and her mother is a stay at home mom. Vieva says:
I found this little treasure on ebay for $3 and bought it without a second thought.
Vi says - "Is a match box camera and this was my album of pictures I took and developed my own little dainty hands...ha!"
It reads as follows from left to right: "Marian drying her hands" - "grandma sitting on the chair when she was sick" (Lisa note - grandma was born around 1870) and the last "Robert Brown stand"
Vi writes: This was a play I was in in the 7th grade. Dick Homer was 'Bob' and I was 'Sunny'
This was a Christmas Present - a hanky holder from James Swetlick - Christmas 1930

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